YLD Logo

I think I should start this blog talking about the first thing I did as an IDF Young Leader: the logo.


To build it I just had to say a few words to my designer (and best friend), Filipe Trabbold, the logo designer. The briefing I asked him was to create a logo with those concepts in mind:

The logo has 7 colors, representing the SEVEN CONTINENTS on earth.

Blue Circle 
Emerging as if it is blooming and not closed to show that the YLD is not something closed, but open minded to new definitions of what is diabetes and how we can help people with diabetes.

Of a lamp referring to IDEAS, INSIGHTS, INNOVATION, LIGHT…those were concepts of the group I imagined while thinking about the logo briefing.
The green and the blue shape shows CARE.
The purple (color of mystery) refers to MYSTERY of what the future will bring us.
The pink image is half a HEART (turned 90º), and when this heart comes into contact with the blue circle we get orange, which represents ENERGY.

Throughout the design process, I asked my friend that all of the words below should be represented:
HAPPINESS – When you look at it,
BEAUTY THROUGH DIVERSITY/HETEROGENEITY – It should be beautiful because different things are being put together. In this case a group that includes individuals of differing ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, religious and political beliefs, sexes and ages.
HOLISTIC – I wanted the logo to be something that communicates it´s about diabetes, but not something directly related to diabetes, therefore no needles, no numbers, or symbols from the “diabetes world” etc. This was done to help promote a more HOLISTIC view of what our impact means to the world.

I can tell you that the best part of all this process was discussing the idea, the time I spent doing this with my friend and how people felt connected to it.

Thank you, Fi!

Love you!!!



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