Youth Support Group at ADJ

ADJ Diabetes Brasil there´s a Youth Support Group for people over 16 years. In 2011 we used to have 2 to 5 people participating on this group. In january we sat together to restructure the group (psychologist, educational coordinator and coordinators of the group) with a very distint (from the original) cronogram.

This saturday, march 17th, was our firts meeting of  2012. The theme was “Learn how to be: The ethics of relationships”. Using techniques of Augusto Boal, Paulo Freire and Jacob Levy Moreno, we wanted to (1) touch the emocional part of the participants, (2) trying to understand what was behind a poor control in everyone (what gap on the emotional part interfered in rational decisions) and (3) make people put themselves in others’ shoes.

When you coordinate a group you must have in mind that the activity you prepared may not fit that specific group. For example, we didn´t expect to receive parents or children below 16, but it happened and we had to adapt. And I can tell that this unexpected variable was what made the group even better.

Well, I can´t tell what the group ment to every participant but I can say that each one had an emotional connection with the group (maybe in different moments). We were able to decontextualize and maximize the presence of them into the group (it means that for those 2 hours their focous was in giving their best and receiving a lot).

It was a huge experience! I learned things I´ll never forget in my life. I´d like to thank to each one in this picture (and baby Arthur!) for giving me such a learning and inspiration!

Kind Regards,



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