First Step at Barueri City

Last week I discovered a support group for kids/adolescents with diabetes here in my city (that it´s in the State of São Paulo, next to the city of São Paulo), Barueri, organized by the prefecture. It´s a group formed with 100 kids (selected between 2.000 kids who receives medicine from the government) and was formed two years ago.

The group doesn´t seem to be active, but Barueri governance is one of the most richest in Brazil. They invest a lot in education, health, security… in order to mantain the highest HDI in the country. So, I think that with the right impulse we can try to succeed and make the program an example/model for the rest of the country.

Ok, back to reality! Grounded! 😀 Let´s see what happens in the next few days.


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