This weekend was the 15º biennial Congress of ADJ Diabetes Brasil. It´s a free diabetes education fair, opened for the general public.

Opening: reach a balance without dropping the balls.

In the Congress, participants could get lectures on current topics with great professionals, guidance (on feet, mouth, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, nutricion), follow the news in the market near the stand of the companies, meet new families with diabetes.

It was my second Congress as a Young Leader in ADJ. I always learn a lot, and much of this learning comes from people I watch, listen and talk. There I could met 4 people from distant parts of Brazil that I only talked via Facebook, was lovely.

Met Rosimeire, from São Bernardo, a doctor who runs a Youth Suport Group in her association and asked me how to engage youngesters to participate. Wiliam Valadares, a physical educator from Minas Gerais (another state) who did an excelent lecture about being active! Thaisse, a lovely girl from Curitiba (another state). Daniela, from Ourinhos, a 27 year old psychologist that with only 2 months working on her association shows a beautiful commitment on working for people with diabetes (beautiful, beautiful)!

The ADJ Young Leaders in Diabetes (me, Lucas Galastri, Bruno Pereira, Ronaldo Wieselberg and Ana Strauss) and those who are finishing the course (Carolina Cavalheiro, Gabriela Menezes, Susy Tanaka, Renan Jacomassi and Lucas Patrício) did and excelent performance. With dedication, discipline and knowledge we multiplied, in different activities, diabetes education intensely those two days! It´s an honor work with all of you.

ADJ Team (part of it) at the end of the 2012 Congress.

PS: I have to thank my lovely family, for their absolute support in so many levels. Without them I´d never be able to do what I love to do. I have to thank them for the education they gave me and my brother, with the perspective that we must have citizenship as a collective consciousness and that our moves in live do change the world (microrevolutions). With this, I wish my brother, Rafael Labate, one of the most amazing minds I have the priviledge to found in this world, the best life can give him in his 26º birthday. Rafa,  that your unsettling mind never stop dreamming and accomplishing… “you may say I´m a dreamer, but I´m not the only one”!!!!



  1. Carolina Cavalheiro 26/03/2012 — 14:26

    I love it!

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