Rio+20 Participation Guide

In my opinion, every person in the world should live to be happy as they really are (of course, respecting others liberty) and state should provide equal opportunities to study, security and health. So all of us could develop ourselves and what we really aim inside our heart.

I particulary think that micro-revolutions DO change the world. Everyone has a responsability by being citizens of our city, state, country, region and world. All we do matters, from little choices to great decisions. With this, I do believe too that no one (no human being) does anything alone, there´s not a hero, there´s not a superman that does something alone, although we need (many times) to idolize someone that represents somehow the changing process (examples) and follow them.

This year the United Nations event, Rio+20, will take place on the city of Rio de Janeiro, between 13 and 22 of June. The conference aims to develop politics, strategies and action plans to work on sustainable development IN THE WORLD. Since december I´ve been following the movement, via internet, by the Youth Facilitating Team and helped translating the Participation Guide into portuguese.

Unfortunately, as many of us, I won´t be able to attend the conference. But, by reading the Guide, it´s possible to learn a lot with the UN Youth Group, what and how they do things to change the world for future generations. At the same time they give tips on many ways you can help (you can pick the one that best fits your conditions, philosophy or the one that most motivates you).

Thinking and developing strategies for a more sustainable planet it´s a complex issue and it reflects on every aspect/level/issue of society. Matters to all.

The Guide is very beautiful, I strongly recommend!!!




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