Youth Group on: Complications

This month on ADJ we he challenged ourselves to talk about Complications with the group. We started the group with a fun dinamic proposed by Glaucia Bechara and we get to know each other better.

With the insights from Pauline Brailly we developed a game, we called Descomplication! The game gave us support in addressing the theme of the meeting, in which we had Dra. Denise Ludovico and Juliana Baptista to answer specific (medical) questions.

 The basic idea was to separate the  group into teams. Each question they would have to answer together, as fast as they can.  However, we had to use another tactic, once the great majority of our public, on this meeting, was made by students (from psycology).  So, we had to adapt the metodology to fit the group needs.

It was a great experience to see that it is possible to talk about diabetes complications without having a top-down doctor-patient approach, without showing sad histories/shocking images and without creating a sad atmosphere. It seems like we broke a taboo…he group with a reading material to enhance coping skills for life. An optimistic text on little things we can do to make tife softer.


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