Young Leaders Trainnig – May

Last month we had two great activities on the Young Leaders in Diabetes Trainning at ADJ.

Fabiana Couto Meets Brazilian Young Leaders 

First we received Fabiana Couto, who lives on the US has volunteered on Fabiana made an excelent presentation saying that to be a leader you first have to be a leader of yourself! Something that many people may say it´s obvious, but it´s not that simple to put on practise. All the participants thought about what their motivations/purpose to be an Young Leader in Diabetes.

Team Building on the Young Leaders Project

On this same meeting, me and Juliana Baptista, prepared a team building activity to empower the Young Leaders in course to their fundraing activity. Together they had to built a doll, in which they had separately parts to draw and put all together at the end, simulating a project management between a group. After, they put out together their expectations, positve and negative points until that moment of their projects, and what they needed to change individually and as a group.


The result of the Young Leaders in course project was a very enthusiastic typical party of June (Festa Junina). They reached their goal of raising funds for the course and at the same time made people enjoy that meeting! Congratulations to all the Young Leaders involved!

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