Young Leaders in Diabetes – Africa!

After Dubai, the Young Leaders in Diabetes got back together in Arusha (Tanzania) for three meetings:

  • Leadership training for young people in Africa
  • IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes Meeting
  • 1º Diabetes Congress of African Region

People in Africa received us with arms wide opened and I feel so blessed that I had the chance to met so many different people, with so many distinct dreams and with so much willpower that touches the core of my motivation.

Together we talked about diabetes challenges in our routines, in our countries, ideas for projects and for the futures.  Besides lots of things they taught me how to play netball (which I need to practice more!) and some dance moves.

They made a special participation on the opening ceremony on the First African Diabetes Congress talking about their necessities to the vice-president of Tanzania. The vice-president promised publicly: “it is our duty to ensure, that no in child will die due to lack of insulin”.  A huge and historical moment for all of us!

I´m really glad to make part of this huge family of people working hard to live in a better world with diabetes, in which diabetes should not prevent anyone from living their lives (and dreams).

I´m so proud of the whole team of young leaders who were there, and the rest of the team who will met in China! Each project fulfills me with passion! And I have to mention the presidency hard work, they have been representing us amazingly!

Once again, all the learning I shared with my colleagues  from the awesome Brazilian project “Células de Transformação” made a huge difference on my perspective of understanding social change, this time in another country. Enhancing the dreams and working hard on the structure, so the charity and assistance can be overcome in the near future, from the collective effort of local citizens

Asanti sana!

***Photos by Pauline Brailly

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Um comentário em “Young Leaders in Diabetes – Africa!

  1. Rafael Labate 07/08/2012 — 13:15

    The world need the youth believing that we can change the way things are.

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