My visit to APDP in Lisbon

Last week I´ve been in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

The sweet friend (and IDF Young Leader  from Portugal) Julia Silveira indicated me to visit the APDP – Associação Protetora dos Diabéticos de Portugal – and get to know the first diabetes association in the world.

Me and Julia at the opening cerimony of the 1st African Diabetes Congress

APDP has 86 years old and a wide range of activities that you can check on their website.

There I met the nurse Lurdes who explained me how the APDP works, it´s history and a little bit about how young people from APDP are getting together to work on the “Núcleo Jovem”  (HERE you can acess their fan page at facebook).

This visit fulfilled me with inspiration and insights. Seems that everytime we learn something new we connect with different knowledges we have in our brain and it makes things (we never imagined it could) emerge.

Besides that it is extremelly inspiring for me to see people in a diferent context (culture) passionate about their beliefs, understand their dreams, see them doing things they love and feeling alive.

That´s what inspires me the most in life, meet people like Lurdes, knowing that there are people making the difference in the world. And this day she made a difference in my world by receiving me, teaching me and inspiring me by seeing her work.

Nurse Lourdes and Me


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