What values have you been buying? Beware!

This Saturday I was at the second meeting of the 4º class of ADJ Leadership Training, coordinated by Mark Barone, who invited me to talk about the importance of fundraising.

We had a quick talk about commerce, neuroscience (applied to consumption) and examples of fundraising we had in the last years on the Leadership Training. But I think that the issue is much longer than this. This exercise gave me some food for thought.

I used the Great Navigation era to discuss about the importance of an internal demand for the spice products from India to make Colombo build his project that later discovered America, so the values people saw in those kind of products and the market it generates enable a huge development of that society.

Is it the money itself that makes the world go round or the values men perceive in things they buy/consume, how the commerce can build interactions and deliver this value is what keeps us moving?

What I worry about is the direction of this movement. I´m living in a moment in which active young people are deeply involved in re-thinking consumption (in all levels of products & services, that can be: ideas, philosophy, energy, policy, voting…) and are denying things that aren´t holistic (that throughout the chain does not hurt human rights and environment).

In 2011, the spanish company Zara, was accused of modern-day slavery in Brazil

It´s not ok if I make something extremely good in one point of the chain that in the near future will damage a structure/another person. So, while citizen of my country I feel like I´m responsible for everything I buy/consume (products& services in format of ideas, philosophy, energy, policy, voting, objects…) and it´s the commitment to a holistic vision that will define if my individualistic choices actually contributes to a better collective.

And that´s the beauty of commerce (development), we have the power to make our own choices. Search for the origin of stuffs, being consistent, critical about consequences of our own actions and the work we do for society. In my country we are “free to choose” once we live in a democracy. We have the power in our hands, the power to choose the values we want to see scattered and put or money (consumption) on it, or not.

But we cannot do this alone, we must correctly choose our representatives. But once again, we have the power to choose the values we want to see. So, can we also buy the change we want to see in world?


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