Blue November – Part 1: Getting ready for WDD 2012

It´s been a long while since my last update here. That´s because I´ve been working hard on my IDF Young Leaders project to strengthen World Diabetes Day message.

This project meant to create a task force we called Blue Power and it put together people who could use it´s willpower and network to make innovative activities to call for attention, educate and raise awareness on diabetes.

The actions planned to November involved:

  • Pin an american football team with the Blue Circle during their November games
  • Conduct educational activities with the municipality of my city, initiating a youth support group where people receive their medication through.
  • Organize a Blue Bike Tour around São Paulo city with people with diabetes, family&friends, health professionals, students and volunteers.
  • Encourage/Organize flashmobs
  • Social Media campaign during all November
  • Put diabetes on Media

On the next post I´ll update you with what happened, what didn´t happened, what did I learn and photos of the events.

Talk to you soon!


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