Blue November – part 2: Stormy Learning

Last post I exposed the work I’ve been doing for the World Diabetes Day and today I’ll talk about two Blue Power activities that didn’t work as planned. I’ve learned with them and maybe you can take some learning from them too.

1) Pin an american football team with the Blue Circle during their November games

It was all right with the team, with the sponsor of the team, we had the permission to use the blue circle on the helmets… but… the São Paulo Storm was in the play offs of the championship (which means that if a team lose a game they are out of the league) and that´s what happened.

I must say that, although Storm is one of the best football teams in Brazil, we did anticipate that this could happen. So, Storm supported World Diabetes Day not during the games but in their social media. We also got an invitation from a Diabetes magazine to interview Storm´s athlete with type one diabetes.

Storm material to raise awareness on Diabetes via Social Media

2) Conduct educational activities with the municipality of my city, initiating a youth support group where people receive their medication through.

Differently from the first topic, this one was hard to foresee. Happened that in October, and the period between October and January (when those elected take their positions) things are not the way they were during the previous government nor the way they will be in January. I think economists may have a name to call this period, maybe “blanked period”, but that´s not the point.

The thing is that they canceled the activity we planned that would kick off a support group in my city, leaded by the prefecture.

Two things these failures made me (re)think (actually, we are quite accustomed to it in our day-to-day routine) :

  1. Many times you’ll do the best, work hard and, even so, unexpected variables will get the control our of your hands (for a while).
  2. Deal with expectations, things won’t be the way we want it (just because we want it). But maybe they can happen next year. As Chico Xavier once said “Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a new ending“!

Next post I´ll tell you about the Connected in Motion activity we hosted in São Paulo city!


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