Blue November – part 3: Connected in Motion


Saturday, 10/11/12, at Paulista Avenue in São Paulo, happened the Connected in Motion WDD Scavenger Hunt.

The event was held by the Blue Power task force for the World Diabetes Day in partnership with Roche Diagnóstica Brasil. This same Connected in Motion event was replicated in many parts of the world such as Ethiopia and USA.

Participants, in teams, were given a list of items that should shoot through the city, but could not use any type of transportation. This list included such challenges as shooting a person with type 2 diabetes in the street with the entire team, the team doing a different activity to lower blood glucose levels, the whole team with his feet off the ground (in the air), among others.

The activity took three hours of activity, starting from and ending on one of our most important Museums: MASP. After walking Paulista Avenue, lose calories, correct hypo-and hyperglycemia, with Roche´s support, we gave prizes like for the participant with most items in his clothes. The feedback was very positive and everyone left asking for the next Scavenger Hunt.

The Blue Power task force thanks Connected in Motion for allowing us to host this event!!!


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