Youth Without Borders

The year began (so fast!) and with it I received an invitation to write on the diabetes magazine “Vida Saudável e Diabetes”.


There I talked a little bit about myself, but mainly I had the space to talk about the work I´ve been doing as a Young Leader and how young people and associations could get involved, once our selective process is opened.

The thing I want to share about this activity is that last week I received a message from a man who lives in another state of Brazil, saying:

” I recently read your story in a magazine focused on diabetes, I liked the initiative. I am a diabetic and has not accepted it very well, although it is under control and I´m super healthy, is always a limiter. I don´t have contact with diabetic people in my routine and would like to meet more people with the same situation as mine. Success forever.”

It was great to receive affection and know that we´ll probably have his presence in some of our next meetings/activities. So, very soon, I hope to present this illustrious stranger reporting an awesome activity.


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