The start of something new!

Dear friends all over the world,

I´m here this time to try to explain to you the (nonpartisan) manifests happening all over Brazil. Manifests that made Brazilians renew their hopes of contributing and living in a better country.

82 anos

“82 years old and I´m not kidding, I´m here to protest”

Since June 6th the population is protesting the rise of  R$ 0,20 (U$0,40) in the bus fare of São Paulo. Someone who lives in São Paulo need to work 14 minutes to afford a bus ticket (from home to work and vice-versa), in Lisbon, less than ten minutes, in Paris, six minutes are sufficient, in Buenos Aires less than two minutes. The monthly expenses with passage commits most of the wages of workers and we still have an inefficient and chaotic transportation system.

It´s true that protests against rises often happens from time to time everywhere. So, why this one is getting such a big picture? 

movimento av. paulista

Manifest on Paulista Avenue

Briefly, the movement to contain the fare rise collided with an increasing  “feeling” among young people, adolescents, adults and elderly Brazilians: a common dissatisfaction with the adverse social, political and economic developments of the country while we were expected to have an incredible growth we didn´t, and worst, inflation and interest rose. Part of this scenario consists:

  • Politicians, in all levels, are caught in corrupt acts and don´t pay for their crime. The Senate´s President, called Renan Calheiros, for example, is accused of corruption, peculation, fraudulent misrepresentation and falsification of document and it didn´t stop him to be the president of the Senate.
  • Government spending on public affairs are (almost ever) overpriced, and nothing is done to punish that. World Cup budget is already bigger than what´s planned to cost.
  • Citizens pay A LOT of taxes and we don´t see it reinvested in health, security and education. According to IBTP statistics, Brazilians work 5 months of the year just for the government (to pay taxes!).
  • Public schools are increasingly scrapped and teacher earning very little!
  • Violence in Brazil kills more than war. The number of murders in Brazil between 2004 and 2007 is higher than the low of the 12 major armed conflicts in the same period, 192.804 people were killed by gunfire in Brazil while wars have killed 169.574 people.

What started in São Paulo reached many parts of the country and beyond against fare rises, corruption, dissatisfaction on health, education and security. For example, THIS VIDEO shows protesters on our National Congress in Brazil´s capital, Brasília, and the image below show protests around the world.

mapa mundial

Protests outside Brazil

Perhaps, it´s just the beginning of an incredible movement all Brazilians deserve and desire. A country with more justice, equality and quality of life in addition to an amazing culture, people and geography. If all this protests will continue? I don´t know, but it´s incredible how it is spreading all over Brazil rapidly. One thing I´m quite sure, the people are more aware of its power to make changes and that´s a huge start because policymakers are aware of that too!

Photos I took from the streets

Any doubts? Curiosity? Leave a comment.

#vemprarua #changebrazil


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