Interview to diabetesDE


Before Germany plays (or should I say destroy?) Brazil at World Cup, I had the opportunity to give an interview to diabetesDE, from Germany.

They had an excellent idea of making interview with people with diabetes in the countries that they played against.

Here is the link:




World Diabetes Day 2013 – São Paulo

Youngsters organized the “Blue Invasion” to commemorate the World Diabetes Day. To mark the World Diabetes Day, the Blue Power Group, formed by young people with diabetes in the state capital, organized the “Blue Invasion” concentration in the food court of the Bourbon Mall, on the 9th of November, at 20 o’clock, in São Paulo .


Around 50 people attended the event between people with diabetes, family, friends, health professionals, of all ages. All wore blue color that symbolizes diabetes worldwide (, to arouse the attention of those present and encourage the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

The World Diabetes Day is celebrated annually on the 14th of November, with stocks and prevention campaigns in several countries. According to data from the International Diabetes Federation, the disease affects more than 370 million people worldwide and 50 % are unaware they have the disease. Brazil occupies the 4th place in the ranking with 13.4 million with diabetes, behind of only China, India and the United States.

Type 1 diabetes, usually discovered in childhood, is caused by a failure in the pancreas, the organ that produces the hormone insulin, which regulates blood sugar. Have Type 2 Diabetes, responsible for most of the cases, is directly related to being overweight and sedentary lifestyle, and the good news is that you can prevent it. In both cases, with early diagnosis and proper treatment, the patient can have quality life.


This same action, the Blue Invasion, is being replied by other group in the ABC region of São Paulo.


Guest Post on Diabetes Mine

A few months ago I was invited to write about “Life with Diabetes in Brazil” on Diabetes Mine Blog. For those who doesn’t know it, Diabetes Mine is one of the biggest diabetes themed blogs in the world. Take a time to explore it, there you’ll find the most different issues related to diabetes.

So, HERE is my Guest Post.

diabetes mine

Blue November – part 6: Youth Support Group


November 24th, on ADJ Diabetes Brasil Youth Support Group, physical activity was the theme. Besides rising awareness about WDD between the participants, we invited the Prof. Erácliton Viana to give guidelines about exercise and diabetes.

The group started with a chat on our mainly goals and barriers to exercise regularly. Many myths and doubts were elucidated. After this, Viana taught us exercises we can make anywhere to keep stretched and active!

Dia 24 de Novembro, no Grupo de Apoio para Jovens, o tema foi atividade física! Além de aumentar a conscientização do grupo em relação ao Dia Mundial do Diabetes, nós convidamos o Prof. Erácliton Viana para nos orientar sobre diabetes e exercícios.

O grupo começou com uma dinâmica de apresentação e seguiu com uma conversa em que trocavam experiências sobre objetivos e barreiras para realizar exercícios físicos regularmente. Após o bate-papo, o Viana nos ensinou uma pequena série de exercícios para nos mantermos ativos e alongados! 


Blue November – part 4: WDD Blue Bike Tour

Blue Bike Tour_Blue Power

November 11th we held the 1st Blue Bike Tour for the World Diabetes Day, in São Paulo city. We distributed glucose tablets (provided by Glicofast) and shirts for all entrants (provided by Roche, Accu-check, and just before getting started we checked the glycemia and warmed up with the guidance of  Prof. Junior.

foto (1)

We cycled in line with a stop (halfway) to check blood glucose levels and make necessary corrections.

It was a great team, during the activity everyone respected each other limits and were concerned about the safety of the group. During the activity, besides calling the attention of the cars passing by, we were questioned by other people using the cycle track, at the departure and arrival point (with diabetes, health care professionals, friends of people with diabetes), about the event and the cause.

At the end of the activity we gave away squeezes and glucometer provided by Roche Diagnóstica, and ACCU-CHECK!


Can´t wait for the next Blue Bike Tour!!!!

ADJ Youth Support Group – September

Last saturday we had our september support group at ADJ Diabetes Brasil.

We started with a relaxing exercise to shorten the distance between body and mind (very common at Yoga).

After this we started an “ice-break” introduction exercise in which people had to tell their names and an important moment in their lives.  Birth of their children, get into college, diabetes diagnose, unforgettable trip…

This lead us to our mainly activity. We applied the Lilly Conversation Maps (Map 1: Managing my diabetes) and we had a very nice discution guided by Glaucia Bechara and Dra. Denise Kaplan.

Can´t wait for the next meeting in October.

Young Leaders in Diabetes – Africa!

After Dubai, the Young Leaders in Diabetes got back together in Arusha (Tanzania) for three meetings:

  • Leadership training for young people in Africa
  • IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes Meeting
  • 1º Diabetes Congress of African Region

People in Africa received us with arms wide opened and I feel so blessed that I had the chance to met so many different people, with so many distinct dreams and with so much willpower that touches the core of my motivation.

Together we talked about diabetes challenges in our routines, in our countries, ideas for projects and for the futures.  Besides lots of things they taught me how to play netball (which I need to practice more!) and some dance moves.

They made a special participation on the opening ceremony on the First African Diabetes Congress talking about their necessities to the vice-president of Tanzania. The vice-president promised publicly: “it is our duty to ensure, that no in child will die due to lack of insulin”.  A huge and historical moment for all of us!

I´m really glad to make part of this huge family of people working hard to live in a better world with diabetes, in which diabetes should not prevent anyone from living their lives (and dreams).

I´m so proud of the whole team of young leaders who were there, and the rest of the team who will met in China! Each project fulfills me with passion! And I have to mention the presidency hard work, they have been representing us amazingly!

Once again, all the learning I shared with my colleagues  from the awesome Brazilian project “Células de Transformação” made a huge difference on my perspective of understanding social change, this time in another country. Enhancing the dreams and working hard on the structure, so the charity and assistance can be overcome in the near future, from the collective effort of local citizens

Asanti sana!

***Photos by Pauline Brailly

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Social Marketing

Last month we had in Rio de Janeiro the Rio+20 UN Summit. Global leaders sat together to discuss politics on sustainable development.

I went to Rio to participate on the People´s Summit, a side event of the civil society. There we could follow some NGOs works, colective activities, protests, discussions, exhibitions… there were plenty movements! Some very political, some too utopic, some socialists and, in my perspective, a few with a real knowlegment about the issue.

Neuroscience give us a glimpse why we don´t care about enviromental issues (that is a complex term to identify everything that surrounds the mankind, including diabetes). Our brain doesn´t know how to deal with this threats. Our brains needs 4 elements to detect a threat:





That give us a clue why this issue is so controversial and why the UN leaders didn´t reach a common goal. It still divides too much opinions. Some experts says that there´s no evidence that the globe is getting hot. The fact I see is that the discussion of sustainable development is not about the weather, it´s about life conditions of human being. It has to deal with each one and every nation and all industries.

It´s a complex initiative in which everyone should step in. Goverments, society and organizations. But if you ask me what should be the priority I´d say SOCIETY, being critical about the products we buy, the ideas we defend, the examples we give by our actions and by our vote! Government must do its role, like regulate and oversee, but we know that corruption and lobby may interfere in this process. Organizations must do it as well, like adopting best practises and  breaking old paradigms, but it will be estimulated by laws and mainly by their consumer (SOCIETY).

Maybe it´s a long term perspective of change, but what is more effective and efficient than education (for sustainability)?

Young Leaders Trainnig – May

Last month we had two great activities on the Young Leaders in Diabetes Trainning at ADJ.

Fabiana Couto Meets Brazilian Young Leaders 

First we received Fabiana Couto, who lives on the US has volunteered on Fabiana made an excelent presentation saying that to be a leader you first have to be a leader of yourself! Something that many people may say it´s obvious, but it´s not that simple to put on practise. All the participants thought about what their motivations/purpose to be an Young Leader in Diabetes.

Team Building on the Young Leaders Project

On this same meeting, me and Juliana Baptista, prepared a team building activity to empower the Young Leaders in course to their fundraing activity. Together they had to built a doll, in which they had separately parts to draw and put all together at the end, simulating a project management between a group. After, they put out together their expectations, positve and negative points until that moment of their projects, and what they needed to change individually and as a group.


The result of the Young Leaders in course project was a very enthusiastic typical party of June (Festa Junina). They reached their goal of raising funds for the course and at the same time made people enjoy that meeting! Congratulations to all the Young Leaders involved!

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