Blue November – part 7: Social Media

This is the last post about the 2012 World Diabetes Day activities. The most important actions that the Blue Power did are written in those 7 posts about the WDD.

With this I leave here ideas that can be spread with a little bit of the experience I had making them, so feel free to contact me and ask anything about them.

This last action was purely virtual/digital made on the young leadership facebook page (created two years ago and has today 2.428 followers). I particularly appreciate social media because it improves communication between very distant places in Brazil. This is, for me, the best way we can connect people to share, learn and develop.

We combined different messages to call for attention on the internet:

1. Brazilian Flag – Let’s protect our blue!  311424_495979070435740_177081384_n

National Flag of Brazil

This image was made to be highly spread on social media on November 14th. It connects the blue circle on our national flag with the blue circle of diabetes. In which the message was to protect the color blue of our flag. Along with the picture was shared the following   text:

“ Brazil has 12 million people living with diabetes, 50% are undiagnosed! Today is World Diabetes Day, a day of spreading this message as much as we can so that these 6 million undiagnosed people are aware of their condition and those diagnosed search for their treatments goals in order to avoid complications and premature death. Share this image, stay tuned to the main symptoms of diabetes and make exams regularly! “


It reached 30. 613 people on Facebook, shared 558 times.

2. Countdown for WDD

A countdown was made during October and November reaching  13. 346 views in 18 publications. The message was “____ days for WDD” and the pictures had the “ (Act) United for diabetes”. Examples:


3. Give Away


A pin and a bracelet were given away on facebook. This activity reached 3.453 views and explained that the blue circle is the symbol of diabetes because, as the International Diabetes Federation says, “across cultures, the circle can symbolize life and health. Most significantly for the campaign, the circle symbolizes unity.” Also ” the blue border of the circle reflects the color of the sky and the flag of the United Nations.”

4. Post about the Blue Monuments

connected monutmentos

Post about the Monuments in São Paulo city lighted in blue explaining why the monuments were blue. It had 3.138 views and the following text: “Worldwide locations are being illuminated by Blue World Diabetes Day. Pictured below are some monuments of the city of São Paulo. Share this post and help spread the blue lighting for diabetes!

 5. Publicizing

And at last, but not least, we empowered the dissemination of side events and interesting articles about WDD that Blue Power contributed, such as:

– Blue Power activities


– TV Show with Heloisa Fagundes, an influential youngster with type 1 diabetes, that you can check HERE.

– Magazines: The interview with the american football player and type 1 diabetic, Daniel Santamaria.



Blue November – part 6: Youth Support Group


November 24th, on ADJ Diabetes Brasil Youth Support Group, physical activity was the theme. Besides rising awareness about WDD between the participants, we invited the Prof. Erácliton Viana to give guidelines about exercise and diabetes.

The group started with a chat on our mainly goals and barriers to exercise regularly. Many myths and doubts were elucidated. After this, Viana taught us exercises we can make anywhere to keep stretched and active!

Dia 24 de Novembro, no Grupo de Apoio para Jovens, o tema foi atividade física! Além de aumentar a conscientização do grupo em relação ao Dia Mundial do Diabetes, nós convidamos o Prof. Erácliton Viana para nos orientar sobre diabetes e exercícios.

O grupo começou com uma dinâmica de apresentação e seguiu com uma conversa em que trocavam experiências sobre objetivos e barreiras para realizar exercícios físicos regularmente. Após o bate-papo, o Viana nos ensinou uma pequena série de exercícios para nos mantermos ativos e alongados! 


Blue November – part 5: Videos

The Blue Power task force helped organizing the SBD (Brazilian Society of Diabetes) flash mob. It took place on during an Endocrinologist Congress in Goiânia (Brazil) with more or less 70 participants and more than 530 views on Youtube. It was idealized by Juliana Baptista who was as well the coordinator of this action. You can check it in this link:

 The ADJ Diabetes Brasil also made a flashmob for WDD. A cheerful and fun event that you can check here:



For the second year ADJ won a prize for its flashmob! Congratulations to everyone involved!

Here are some ADJ flash mobs of previous years:

Blue November – part 4: WDD Blue Bike Tour

Blue Bike Tour_Blue Power

November 11th we held the 1st Blue Bike Tour for the World Diabetes Day, in São Paulo city. We distributed glucose tablets (provided by Glicofast) and shirts for all entrants (provided by Roche, Accu-check, and just before getting started we checked the glycemia and warmed up with the guidance of  Prof. Junior.

foto (1)

We cycled in line with a stop (halfway) to check blood glucose levels and make necessary corrections.

It was a great team, during the activity everyone respected each other limits and were concerned about the safety of the group. During the activity, besides calling the attention of the cars passing by, we were questioned by other people using the cycle track, at the departure and arrival point (with diabetes, health care professionals, friends of people with diabetes), about the event and the cause.

At the end of the activity we gave away squeezes and glucometer provided by Roche Diagnóstica, and ACCU-CHECK!


Can´t wait for the next Blue Bike Tour!!!!

Blue November – part 3: Connected in Motion


Saturday, 10/11/12, at Paulista Avenue in São Paulo, happened the Connected in Motion WDD Scavenger Hunt.

The event was held by the Blue Power task force for the World Diabetes Day in partnership with Roche Diagnóstica Brasil. This same Connected in Motion event was replicated in many parts of the world such as Ethiopia and USA.

Participants, in teams, were given a list of items that should shoot through the city, but could not use any type of transportation. This list included such challenges as shooting a person with type 2 diabetes in the street with the entire team, the team doing a different activity to lower blood glucose levels, the whole team with his feet off the ground (in the air), among others.

The activity took three hours of activity, starting from and ending on one of our most important Museums: MASP. After walking Paulista Avenue, lose calories, correct hypo-and hyperglycemia, with Roche´s support, we gave prizes like for the participant with most items in his clothes. The feedback was very positive and everyone left asking for the next Scavenger Hunt.

The Blue Power task force thanks Connected in Motion for allowing us to host this event!!!